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What If You Should Die Without a Will?

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If you should die without a Will, your entire Estate (everything you own) goes into Intestate, whereby the government decides who gets what. Your loved ones lose control and power to disperse your money, assets, real estate, savings, intellectual property, collections, and vehicles as you wish. This inevitably ends badly as family members squabble over your assets and debts and even how your funeral and remains will be handled.

When you call, we may discuss the following:

  • Simple Will and who you name as Executor or Executrix
  • Heirs to your Estate, who gets what and why
  • A Guardian of you minor children in the event you pass before they reach 18
  • A Trustee of your money for your minor children in the event you pass before they reach 18
  • Your funeral arrangements
  • Your insurances, liquid and non-liquid assets and debts

As I learn more about your life and legacy, I will also advise as follows:

  • Living Will (aka Advanced Medical Directive)
  • Power of Attorney, Durable P.O.A., General/Medical P.O.A.
  • Medicare and Medicaid benefits and obligations you may need to know
  • Special needs of any family member
  • Making sure all your decisions about your Estate are well-thought out and clear