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Auto Accidents

More Than 25 Years of Experience

What can happen as the result of an automobile accident? The number of automobile accidents in the U.S. each year is staggering, and over 40,000 people die as the result of a car crash. Car accidents may result in a range of injuries, from whiplash to paralysis and more. Insurance companies may become involved in the resolution of the financial aspects of an accident, but individuals who have been harmed in an auto accident may be entitled to compensation to cover medical or other expenses, for example.

How can the Law Office of Victor A. Amada help in the case of an auto accident?

Serious and even devastating injury can result from an auto accident. When this happens to you or to a love one, it may be useful to speak to an experienced attorney who has helped individuals and their families in similar situations.

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If you or a family member has been involved in an auto accident, and you have a question about your legal rights, you can request a free case evaluation from our firm by contacting us at 1-973-927-7636. The Law Office of Victor A. Amada has been successfully litigating personal injury cases for over twenty years.

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